Thursday, June 30, 2005

Venting not included the last post was basically a vent post. But let me enlighten you to what we know as "small town mentality." When everyone knows everyone and is in some way or another related to each other you get this syndrome called small town mentality. People think your business is their's and mostly that they need to flaunt there business to the world. Well needless to say ignorance runs around more than the drunks on their bicycles (DUI being the cause of not riving) and when you know one cop you know them all...and probably are related to most.

So now you're picturing the Andy Griffith show right? Well sure you can picture that if you want but let's add some realistic elements to the picture. Instead of good old Barny you have a wife beating deputy. Instead of the local crew you have an abnormaly large population of child molesters, drug users/dealers who in turn happen to be informants for the police dept. and instead of Opie and his friends you have gang wanna-be's who drive around the center of town(which happens to be a circle) in their pimped out cars contributing to the continual gas hike. So as you can guess or deduce from that you can't really call this Mayberry. Sure, there are some genuinely nice, great, and awesome people here but the fact of this pungent ignorance remains.

You have people receiving tickets for expired registration stickers while the car is parked on private property but in turn you have child molesters that can touch your children all they want or people threatening your life and stealing from your car or house. NOFX was right to say "There's no point in democracy when ignorance is celebrated." So while shops on the circle (perfect real-estate) close at 4-5 pm to beat the rush of gang wanna be kids that just have to drive around in circles; the rest of us are forced to be ruled by the ignorance of others. Wake up and smell the damn coffee folks!


Ode to an idiot

This post could really go out to me judging by the title, but I'll spare you the conceited garble :P

My soon to be ex-brother-in-law is the topic of discussion today. Due to his vindictive stupidity he's been in and out of jail since he split from my sister. Well he managed to get a DUI on top of that and lost his job. My sister managed to get posession of 'their' car due to the fact that he couldn't make the payments. Here's where the ode starts....

He stole the car while it was on public property. The fireworks in the back (I live in a state where the good ones are illegal) were turned into his police buddies and the money in my sister's purse was stolen.
Brian Patterson of Clinton, Illinois... you my friend are a belligerent asshole who's ignorance in all arena's of life knows no bound. You're the greatest evidence of the lack of evolution in mankind to this day and for that I thank you for being a Neanderthal like creature who only responds in anger to outside stimuli. It makes it very simple to make fun of you that way...Your voice holds the vast well of ignorance held within its unthought words of stupidity. The beauty of this is that I won't have to do a thing to you besides this because you wallow in your ignorance like a pig in its own feces. You've reached the prime of your life; a prime that's included random beatings of significant others and the abuse of my nieces. May you forever be the whorebag of the Clinton police department and here's to hoping that the ignorance in this town finally gets pushed back to the backwoods where you belong.

With love,

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

War of the Morons!

Yeah, I'm going to go contribute to the movie end of capitalism today or tomorrow and see War of the Worlds. I don't like celebrity hype so I won't comment much on it but Tom Cruise needs to lay off the crack (pat pat) Anyway there is some "good" news. Pres. Bush says we don't need anymore troops in Iraq so that means drafting me isn't going to happen in the near future. Yay for me staying in school until I'm an old man! I appreciate my freedoms and I appreciate the men and women who fought and fight for them, but I believe we need to give those guys a valid cause to fight for if that is what they want to do. Fighting to control oil or opium trade is, well it's flat out terrorism and it follows the long line of terroristic activities this country has come to know and love. Harsh, I know but let's focus on some productive things we can do...

Like get rid of free trade that exploits the poor. They package that crap in nice boxes labeled "Poverty Relief" and what people find inside is a nice flaming bag of ....crap. If you don't believe me on my emphatic hatred of free trade just take a look at the facts and I'll give you a good source for that. Talking Points on Global Issues -A Reader- by Richard H. Robbins. Grab it, buy it and read it. He uses excerpts from various sources and published works on this topic and many more. Tell me, what's the good at having food at lower prices when that means these big corporate farms are selling under the production price? What good does that do when the local farmers can't sell their crops for any profit and in turn have to sell their farms to the corporate farms? Not sorry for saying this but I think this G8 is a load of crap. Have your slumber party somewhere else and actually give the poor people of this world a real solution.


Thursday, June 23, 2005

What's this?? Two in one week?!

No, I'm not sick. I'm posting twice in a week, yes. My fiance got me a cd from my fav band NOFX. The cd is titled "The War on Errorism" so you can tell what the songs are about. I'd actually invite you to listen to Idiots are Taking Over. "There's no point for democracy when ignorance is celebrated."
It's not the songs that really got my attention it was the three paged rant on the inside of the cover that floored me. So here's giving them another link to what they want seen. Go to and catch the trailer of this documentary on the 2000 election here in the states. The man that didn't win the majority vote shouldn't have won the election. Yes, he won the majority vote the second time but that's a moot point considering he should have never been there in the first place. What shoulda been, coulda's not the point now. That incident was just a display of what is to come should the American people and the World not wake up from its self-inflicted stuper. When people blindly give up their rights for 'safety' it's just one hop and a step closer to having the Constitution no better than the paper placemat at your local Denny's.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Couple things to note

Hello all. How's it goin? Yeah, I thought so... you better be doing well heh. Anyway I'm in another class this summer and it's on the process of logic, specifically propositional logic. Sounds fun huh?

Anyway to the matters at hand. Pay close attentiont to people's reaction to the conviction of the former KKK man (now 70 or 80 something). Good quote I got from a news interview was this "He's not really just an old man. He's an old killer." That in response to ppl's outrage at the conviction of this older man. I think he got 20 some years which is basically a life sentence. I mean come it really that different from an old WW2 war criminal? Are we gonna just let crimes go unpaid for because people have aged? I heard a woman on the news say "Let's just have bygones be bygones." Let me make my point clear.... If I brutally murder your son or daughter, brother or sister...etc etc and don't get indicted until 40-50 years after the fact then we can let bygones be bygones?

And no I'm not a brimstone and fire type person. I'm for redemption, but to illustrate another point I'll bring up the story of the Cross. Christians know this well. Take a look at Luke 23:40-43. One of the two thieves repented, yes? But did that act take him from the consequences? So that's my points covered. Time does not wash away the sins of the past(it may be a factor but it isn't the clear all componant) and redemption involves the payment of consequences.

Anything else I missed while I was in my cave of solitude doing random domestic chores and homework?

Keep informed!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

My Persuasive speech as written

As requested here is my speech on ignorance. It's an attempt at persuading people to be informed about the world around them by offering them little known facts about America's own terrorist activities. Read and enjoy. Give me feed back!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

What to say?

Daily life goes on in its redundantly unpredictable way. I just finished a speech on specific, terrorism and poverty/hunger. People rarely take the harsh reality very... the US was a terrorist nation far before Afghanistan. Little known facts about certain events in recent history were used to induce thought and to inform of course. I don't know how I faired, but I saw some good looks on their faces.

Just like the line goes on the Matrix "Take this and I'll show you just how far down the rabbit hole goes." I'm not that great but I hope to enlighten you and you enlighten me along the way.


Sunday, June 05, 2005

Post for the week?


Sorry for not posting sooner, it's been a busy week with classes and all. I just did an informative speech on Dexter Gordon. Very very good tenor saxophonist. In fact one of the greatest in jazz history. I encourage you to check him out as well as some of his works. As far as ignocrisy goes? Well I have a persuasive speech coming up and I want to persuade some people that ignorance is a major thing to worry about. Any ideas? I'm open to any suggestions. Hope ya had a great weekend!