Friday, August 26, 2005


Thought I was held prisoner in Guantanamo bay did ya? Nope I'm alive and well. I just finished training for my new job while I go to school at the same time so I've been pretty busy; which in turn keeps me out of trouble...for the most part.
Not much to say here actually. The Pat Robinson thing is what really set me off. A man calling himself a Christian and then calling for the killing of another man ( irregardless of how bad the Chavez is...) Come on, give me a break. He's just another hypocrit in a world that's full of them. What that did was to serve to undermine christianity at its core beliefs. Forgiveness? Only if your rich and white, because God doesn't love you otherwise. Redemption? No deal because since you're perfect others must be too? Reality is harsh and soon enough Pat it's going to be pretty harsh for you. You're an old bitter man who's looking away from the God you claim to pray to....and sadly you're the majority.