Saturday, May 28, 2005

I'm tellin ya the truth, serious!!

Ever heard that? I sure have. The question is...Does the truth still set you free? Free from what? Those questions are pretty much answerable by a myriad of statements which I'll leave up to your discretion. However, what I will delve into here is the truth: Bias or not?
How can the truth be biased? Pretty simple really. I can tell you the truth about something near and dear to your heart and earn your favor or perhaps spark a certain wanted reaction. See, it's not the truth that's's the person telling it. You see the 'truth' being told at almost every juncture. The news, the local high school debate, a small argument in a nearby restaurant, etc. etc. every where you go you'll hear someone or something trying to tell you the truth. What you probably already know is that these people want something. Some reaction or some thought...they want something from you by telling you the 'truth'. Pretty simple communication 101 right?
You'd be surprised to see how many people don't really get that though. Quoting unreliable sources as truth, believing everything on the news at face value, and even believing a politician! (yeah, some people actually do)
That's the problem with ignorance. It makes you feel like you're sitting pretty, without a care in the world because what you believe is all that there is to believe. I haven't really put myself in the boat with the rest of you so here I am doing just that. I'm ignorant about a lot of things and I still have tons of 'growing up to do' but I do see the difference between telling the truth and telling the 'truth'. We've attached people to a word called Terrorism. It's high time we attach some people to Ignocrisy. A big enough boat that can carry us all.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Bad case of bad PR

Hola all. It's been just under a week so I need to post. Haven't had much happen within that time, but I did catch another bumble on the US army's part. Recruiters lying to possible recruits? Come on guys do you really think that's gonna get you out of the slump you're in? I have a theory here and I mean no offense to those who serve in the armed forces or even in the recruiting part. Bad apples I say...but here's the theory. No one and I repeat no one can be that stupid. Trust me, GW can get away by looking stupid. No one gets elected twice by being stupid...but back to the theory. I believe it isn't stupidity. I believe it's pretty smart. They need more manpower and what better (non-violent) way to get the draft to pass than a serious man shortage? Yep you heard one can be that stupid. I don't care if you've lived under powerlines, while eating paint chips, and while bathing in toxic waste.... Anyway that's my thought to it and it leaves much to be desired but I can't waste all my thought on this can I? I have yet more classes to think about!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Ignorant fun in a courtroom

No, I didn't get arrested. Now with that out of the way here's the story of today.

My sister just recently split up with her husband who had been having an affair for a few weeks or months prior. As he has no way of defending himself I'll only offer some observations of him. He's very vindictive, very belligerent, and very abusive with words and physical violence when he's angry. She had put in for an order of protection through this and the court date for that was today. Now, when he heard of this OP against him he flew right into the DOVE (a family service) office and wanted an OP against my sister (don't ask...he's from the backwoods) He was denied of course and now back to today. When asked if he would like to dispute the OP he said yes and said he would be getting a lawyer. All this while his scantly clad girlfriend basically cheered him on in the seats. sister doesn't have a job and found out during the split up that she had cancer so you can see the process of getting the lawyer for her is going to be very difficult. All this should tell you of this guy's character. Very ignorant, very vindictive...etc..etc. Why he's out for blood I don't know, but that is my day today. Now I must trail my three nieces on their paper routes because his new girlfriend has been reported to be 'following' them. Ah yes, this ups the ante on my claim that the backwoods of this wretched place I call home is the source of all ignorance. Take care all and I'll post to ya soon!

Monday, May 16, 2005

Monday morning blues

Well all, it's monday morning and I have to find a job. School's out for the summer, but doesn't look like my ability to pay for some courses over the summer is gonna pan out. Fun times huh? Who needs to take 6 credit hours over the summer anyway when you can become part of the labor force that 'drives the economy' hah fun times...

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Quick Saturday Morning post

I was reading the news headlines and came across this story. Tell me what you think of it...I would tend to agree.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Response to Come September

With a myriad of red, white, and blue flags, ribbons, and stickers decorating anything that gets in the way it is hard to not hear what patriotic means. The drive from school and back is over 60 miles. With the hour round trip it is again hard to not notice the spotless H2’s and gas guzzling Escalades with support (insert a phrase that sells here) stickers attached to its bumper; conveniently next to the “Bush/Chenney ‘04’ propaganda that readily pronounces their vote. It isn’t the vote that causes the blood to boil, but perhaps the imagery the names bring. The long, endless quotes from preachers that advise not to judge and the politicians that conveniently stand behind them when the voters go to polls bring to light a chilling realization that perhaps we aren’t questioning the right noun or challenging the right verb.
Stories insist on being told according to Arundhati Rroy. Whether they are fiction or non-fiction there is still something to be told and passed on. What does the story of the 20th century say? Years of war and conflict would be arrayed across the pages of a book one might read or write. The ultimate cause for most would be nationalism. Nationalism as defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “devotion to national interest…” Arundhati adds that we would be offended and ashamed if we were associated with our government’s policy, the “national interest”. Why then is it that images of our nation are plastered on anything with 4 or more wheels and an engine?
This question could be answered in a number of ways. Perhaps we all cling to something other than the policies of our government? Perhaps we all know that to be Anti- anything is a failure of imagination, according to Arundhati Roy? Maybe we are ignorant to a canny recruitment drive for the war on terror? With any answer it all leads to the exploitation of people for political gain. The faith that is spreading around the world is less in God and more in the hatred of each other.
This hatred for America in particular has accumulated for more than one September. Take for instance another September. September 11th, 1973 in the country of Chile saw a CIA backed coup after Chile’s citizens democratically elected a Marxist. In the aftermath the world saw thousands upon thousands die at the hand of the U.S backed General in charge. From 1945 until this day many more thousands have died from the direct or indirect involvement of U.S policies. The instance of Israel and Palestinians and Sadam and the Kurdish genocide bring to light our direct involvement in actions that should now scream to our attention.
Preaching peace while at war seems to be the new American agenda. With the war on words still raging strong it is a wonder that Elmo and Big bird haven’t come under stronger scrutiny. Some fall in line and buy the “Made in China” American flags and some try to call attention to details, singing songs like ‘American Idiot’ and ‘Makeshift Patriot’. The words ring in the ears and some of us “Don’t waive our rights with our flags” and “Don’t wanna be an American Idiot”. For this American waiting for Bert and Ernie to be led away in shackles…I just hope we get to the “H’s” for hypocrisy.

Drama:Get some in your life...or not

Ahhhh... *sigh of relief* I've finally finished my last semester of formal chemistry. Now of course, being a paleontologist in training I'm gonna take more courses in things that dip into chemistry; especially the geology part of it.
What does that have to do with the topic? Absolutely nothing :) On my way back from the grocery store I happened to be behind a mini-van that had this pasted on its back window. "Drama: Get some in your life" Now I know this was probably a theater person but it made me think of how this world has become one big soap opera. Instead of the characters falling in love with each others' worse half it's who hates who, who's got the nuclear weapons today, and who should we be afraid of? It may be the glorified version of it, but isn't it the same thing, drama? Why is it that we have to fear things, people, countries? Better yet, why is this being instilled into our 'normal' behavior?
I think those questions can be answered by also answering the question "Who stands to gain and what?" Enlighten me please. Comment all ya like and don't mind Davin :P

Here is my response to a speech by Arundhati Roy named "Come September" (yes I know I take another shot at the current administration, but I would've been taking a shot at another lobbyist if the tables had turned this past November). Here also is a link to where you can read or hear the speech itself. I encourage you to take a listen or look. Widen the view a little.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

The all important first post

Well you can guess by the description on the channel what this site is going to be about. First off I want to say that I'm about as ignorant as everyone out there. Secondly, let me define ignorance so that some may not get so offended by what I just said. Ignorance- lacking knowledge. Now there's two parts to that. Willful ignorance and unknowing ignorance (we'll call it the plain ignorance :) )
I want to know what you think on the subjects at hand and subjects that come up in my daily life as I post them. For all practical purposes I want to eradicate ignorance in my part of the world and yours. This being said, it's going to be tough. Some will call me a terrorist, some will call me unpatriotic, and some might even call me ignorant (go figure?) Enlighten yourselves to things you don't know about. When arguing a point use unbiased facts (the real kind...) With more people in the light about the things that happen in the world; the dominoes will fall and down will come all those who want to keep us in the dark. Feed the hungry? You got it. End poverty? You got it. All we need to do before that is end ignorance and hypocrisy (ignocrisy).

We'll get there.

Happy Mother's day!