Sunday, October 15, 2006

Who, What, Where, When, and why?

Alright, so I've somehow missed the entire month of September :) As you can see it wasn't very eventful but I did come across something that I pondered over for quite a while. I first learned of this in a presentation I went to on the strained relations between the West and Iran. All I'll say now is look where the U.S.S Eisenhower is in around a week and who's escorting it. Another pre-emptive strike against a "terrorist" nation? I don't know. Who, What, Where, When and why.... It's possible we're just trying to rattle the saber and force their hand like we did with Japan back in WW2 just before they lashed out on Pearl Harbor. I highly doubt we'll do anything before the elections in a few weeks but when the political price is less to pay we'll pick up the bigger tab...more American lives lost or at the best a lot more stressed and feared up GOP constituents.

So, one more question. How? How can we stop this ridiculous mess from happening? I don't think you're vote counts as it is. The electoral college in fundamental terms is there because the vast majority of Americans are either apathetic to the point that they're beyond ignorant or simply just ignorant. Write your congressman, do something to prove that you're not ignorant of the things going on around you. Tell the president and his cronies that he is to be held accountable for his actions. Until then they'll just keep sending American soldiers to their deaths and the American economy to its grave.