Thursday, July 21, 2005

Wonder what that siren means....Ice cream?

Well keeping with the weekly, yearly and bloggly theme of ignorance and morons I bring you this story....

I was out job hunting and as I was coming in I heard a siren. I was stopped at a stoplight and so thought to look down the street to see if the siren was coming my way...sure enough it was. It wasn't coming down my street but rather it was coming across the street I wanted to make a left hand turn across, so as the law requires you to do...I stopped to let the ambulance go through. What do other people do? They try beating him and even just taking their green and going right along as if he wasn't sitting there trying to get some bleeding person or dieing person to the hospital. So I was pissed for a little bit...big deal. As I was coming home the same thing happened. I was stopped at a light and what do ya know? Another siren; this time just one damn block from the hospital. What do people do when they see him? Try and beat him across the light and the people behind them just keep going through until they've basically got a yellow light. I saw this big G.W. Tank of a truck (G.W. for our wonderful's a term of endearment really for our wonderful gas guzzling, economy ruining, enviromentaly unsafe vehicles) wanting to go across with the Ambulance still stopped, waiting to go through. At this point I had enough and told him "Don't go asshole...f'n moron." Yes and he did stop.

I'm not sorry to say this but we as a nation (US) are inconsiderate, self-centered bastards who are breeding bastardized children to do the same damn thing. You wail about people wanting to kill you and bomb your nation and yet you just don't get it? When other nations and people need our help we say "Well, we'll get to it if we have time or if we feel generous enough." But when we're in need...oh no "Crisis!!! The free world is under attack!!!" Grab your head out of your ass and put it where it belongs America. Label me a terrorist cuz I can't wait until someone finally blows this place up and makes you people realize how big of hypocrits you are.


Monday, July 18, 2005

Congressman: Mecca a possible retaliation target

Well it's been a fun week of doing much of the same...nothing. I've been writing a few chapters for a book of mine that is completely off topic. It's book about a half phoenix/half dragon type fantasy character and seems to be turning out well enough. I was told I wrote like a man...I think that's a good thing? But at any rate I revamped my first two chapters with some detail, not mind-numbing mind you.
Anyway to the topic. I was scrolling down the cnn site for the latest news and that's the headline I picked up. It's linked so anyone can take a look at it and I'd encourage you to do that. He says that in retaliation for a nuclear strike on the United States by extremist, fundamentalist Muslims we should take out Mecca. Now in his defense he says he was just throwing out ideas to a hypothetical situation, but let's take a look at how that is about the stupidest thing I've ever seen said...well maybe just for the month. I remind you, I live in the backwards, backwoods city...I see things worse than this on a daily basis.
For one, why are they bombing us in the first place? Is it connected to our activities of the past(IE: America's, Brittain's, etc etc own terrorist activities of the past??) Some say the war in Iraq is fueling the recruitment for Al Queda and other terrorist groups. I'd have to say...yeah and in fact maybe that was the point of attacking Iraq. I can remember something Mr. Bush said...that we went into Iraq because we knew that's where the terrorists would make a last stand. Some people may forget about the lies told to get us in, but the people over there don't forget.


Saturday, July 09, 2005

Connect the dots

In the wake of London's terrorist attack and the smoke still metaphorically rising we hear quickly that Al Queda is to blame. It's reminiscent of 9/11. The smoke hadn't cleared and yet we knew exactly what was going on. Sounds fishy huh? Have enough intelligence to almost instantaneously figure it out but only after the fact. I wish I could find the article I once read called "Connect the Dots." It's something I think should be shared with you guys. The article correlates between these so called 'random' events in history and policy passed just afterwards. People in America know the drill well enough. Oklahoma bombing, JFK's assasination, etc etc. What happens after this event? Take a look at the policies on the board. We gave up freedoms for safety's sake? Out of what?? Spurred ignorance. Sage Francis has a song called Makeshift Patriot. I suggest you listen to it and in fact buy the cd. I'll quote some good lyrics here. "Who's gonna make that call to increasing unknown death tolls? It's the one we rally behind, he's got a megaphone and promising to mak heads roll. We chear him on but asbestos is effecting our breath control. The less we know the more the fabricate...the easier it is to sell souls." A new price on freedom....
Do you feel safe America when retired men with outdated guns do a better job at protecting your border than the suit and tie in Washington stealing your civil liberties and freedoms granted to you by the very thing you wave your "made in China" flags for? Well, do you? Connect the dots. What's to gain from this, what are they gaining, and who's the one gaining? God bless the men and women who died this week in a senseless slaughter. All this serves to notice is that Ignorance is no longer acceptable.