Friday, September 02, 2005

Stuck in the rinse cycle

I don't mean to be negative all the time...I really don't, but it is hard to pass up the opportunity to show how spin and politics are even the essential part of mainstream "Christianity".

Now, here's where I'll break from the never ending rinse-lather-rinse cycle of the past few dozen posts. I'll offer a solution to this epidemic like problem that is facing most religions in North America and perhaps even all around the world. Hypocrisy...why don't you follow what you preach or read and in most cases why don't you just read and study what the hell you're saying/following? I could get on a soap box and preach that I'm the risen savior come to save you from the random disasters of this world. Does that make me who I say I am?

I've found that there are generally two paths in this world; black or white, wrong or right, here or there....etc etc. The people that follow without the knowledge of where they're going, walk along a weary and perilous road and just because it's gray, not black, doesn't make it white. So in a world of hypocrits and non-appologetic appologies for wrong doing, learn how to cut through the spin and say "That's just bullshit...."

Special thanks to Pat Robinson for being the poster child of the past two posts...
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