Sunday, May 20, 2007

Freedom, safety, and a whole lot of exploitation

So...I've used the last few posts to rant about a few personal things and for that I'm sorry. It's a bit boring I know :) As for the ranting...well that's not likely to stop. If you're outside the United States or North America then you might now get the depth of this topic. Immigration...

First, I want to invoke the same thing we've been hearing for years. "We have to fight them there so we don't have to fight them here (our homes, neighborhoods, etc..)" It's been said over and over again to the point where there's an engraved image of G.W burnt into the backs of my eyes. That's the whole point of the pre-emptive movement, right? To ensure our nation's safety so that something awful doesn't happen....right? Safety's on our mind. We're in a war against an idea that is the antithesis of safety.

So, why then are we not securing our safety? Oh, but we are? We're fighting them over there so we don't have them over here? Ok, so while we have soldiers secure Iraq and Afghanistan we let whoever we want come through Mexico and Canada and that's a perfectly sensible thing to allow...right? If we're about securing our freedom and safety then why are we spending so much time away from the crux of the matter? We're worried about another attack but we're not putting any push behind real defense measures beyond the superficial, easily exploitable ideas.

Finally...we come to the immigration bill that's grabbed all the headlines. Some call it a free ride to citizenship. Other's call it a right thing to do. I call it exploitation... an easy way to expand the number of voters you're likely to get. Amnesty? You bet...what's the defination of amnesty? Webster dictionary says "an act granting a pardon to a group of individuals". So, by not following the law in coming here you are here illegally thus either needing a pardon or the fufillment of the law to be here legally. That's logic and reality...not political spin or anything else. But why the press to get this thing through quickly?? There were no committees reviewing this came to Congress on a red eye flight and is likely to pass just the same way. There's more to it than just granting people citizenship. What those hidden agendas are lie in the 300+ pages of the bill... and while we wait, eyes and minds focused...a few more terrorists slip through the neglected border.


note- My simple point here is this. If we're worried about our safety and freedom then why the hell are we not doing anything about it? Calls your attention out of the box doesn't it?

Sunday, May 06, 2007


It's been a week...Like clockwork the ropes of my patience have been frayed over and over again. No, never constantly but perfectly timed...Just as I'm about to relax and let go of one issue another blundering idiot comes along to insult/berrate me. I'm starting to truely understand why most people are angry all the time. There's lots of anger out there just waiting for a place to land. Makes for a perfect tool of exploitation.

I really, honestly thought (sometimes still do) that the American dream was to simply be left alone. You don't bother me, I don't bother you. Sounds real good after this week. After running the guantlet of work/school and current issues local/world it's a wonder we don't just resort to hiding behind rocks let alone mass slaughter. I've heard anthropologists comment on the lack of social networking today's generations have...the lack of interest we have in each other to the point where human-human contact makes us sick. Since when could anyone survive by being alone and more importantly how can anyone have a fulfilling life by being a giant dickhead?

I'm tired....just tired of being angry and seing loads of it fall from the sky like mana from heaven. We're like mindless zombies ingesting more and more anger/hatred from everyone/everything around us. We don't even know what made us angry in the first place...we just know we're damn angry and to hell with anyone else. There'll come a day when someone/something invokes that anger so tightly spun around us. Invokes our ignorance and plays to our tranqualizers and sedatives...You think you're angry now.


Note- You can see people using anger as we speak. Politicians that invoke soldiers' death to win popularity...straight down to even taxes. We literally hate each other for what? Simple beliefs that don't amount to much in the long run. How the hell can you be insightful and wise when you're narrow-minded and hateful? It's not possible. So, while we wallow in our anger...lead around by our clenched fists the world moves on and our ignorance takes away the pain...