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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One last hoorah...before the fan hits the shit

I've been thinking about what I've seen and heard the past week or so. It's hard to actually sit down and think of how many angry people there are but trust me...there are alot of them. If you put stock into polls and the numbers then listen to this. We have almost double the trust in public schools than our president and his approval rating is almost double that of the Congress. So, what's the deal? 80% or so of the U.S. citizens don't like the 'amnesty bill' and rightfully so. 80% or so of the U.S. citizens feel they're being ignored...again rightfully so.

We want border security, homeland security, and just common sense defenses of this country and what do we get? Those very issues held hostage by ridiculous things such as the above mentioned 'amnesty bill'. Why the hell can't congress just get to work on securing our borders...offering the money to the border without the numerous strings attached? What's the deal? Take a look at

You can decide what you want from that site, but it is an official government site that in simple terms states a plan for a common border of all of North America. Hrmmm loss of sovereignty ring a bell?

Logic demands that we look at why our elected officials are ignoring us on important issues. Logic DEMANDS that we ask why there really isn't any border control or defense...nor any bills on the board to fix what was promised to us the days right after 9/11.

With so many people on different sides and angry as hell what more is it going to take to break the camel's back? The Declaration of Independence clearly states we have the right to form a new government should the current one misuse its power. Let me say this final thing to my fine Congressmen, whether or not you're in my district.

We elect you to represent US. You are there because of US. You serve at the pleasure of the American people and when you ignore the American people you fail to do your one and only job...representing US. It's not about you. You're a public SERVANT(if needed look up the definition of servant). I don't vote for you because you look good in a stained oak seat...I don't vote because you've got a good hair cut. I vote for you because you'll represent ME. Now with all due haste....GET IN THERE AND DO YOUR FUCKING JOB. Because, like me, the rest of the 80% of the American citizenship is angry and fed up and that anger is gonna come for you before we start turning on each other.

And one more thing... the 'fairness act'...yeah still limits the 1st amendment. Wanna get people more pissed off at ya? Try and pass the bill.


Saturday, June 09, 2007


Oh the many posts covering the same thing. I've found that I can no longer really post about the same thing over and over again..the redunancy is too much!! It was a good excersize in voicing my opinion and somewhat in writing :P I'm not sure what I'll change the spot into or what address it'll have but it's been fun. Hopefully I've said something smart or insightful to the point where it made you think...that's all I really set out to do.

As Monty Python says it best... "And now for something completely different."