Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween OOOGIE BOOOGIE!!!!

Here we are again my friends, which is mainly Davin heh. Ever have that epiphany while you were on your way to work or school that you really are a spec on the radar screen of the universe? Don't ask me why or how but I had that epiphany yesterday while on my way to work. It was basically the feeling of hardly any time left in my life more than being a mere fraction on a planet that itself was a fraction of a bigger whole. I blame it on the coffee......

There's a lot of stuff in the news. Hurricanes, rumors of wars that might happen, terrorist attacks. For all of you that have to suffer through one of these things, be well and safe. The only disasters I have to live with are tornadoes and the random acts of stupidity by the government. Whether you hold a specific faith or belief. Whether the earth is slowly destroying itself due to cyclic activity, the stupidity of man, or by the will of God; this post is simply stating... Live life well. Don't be ignorant of the things around you.

Be well, stay safe and Davin....Stay out of trouble! :)


Sunday, October 02, 2005


Hello all,

Wish I could say I was up to something productive to the human race as a whole, but I wasn't. I was just digging myself free of the pile of homework and labs/tests I have this semester. Hope all is well with everyone who has paid attention to this blog and hope to write more soon!!!